Clothing Tips

What to Wear for Your Family Portrait Session

If you have booked a family portrait session with us at d & k Photography and not sure what to wear, then this article is for you.
Excited that you’re finally going to have great portraits of your family adorning your home, selecting the right clothes will make the photos more adorable and worth reminiscing.

“What must be worn on a family portrait session?” This question is often asked and today will be dealt with accordingly. I have listed some general tips about what to wear for your family portrait session in Houston.

*  COLOR is an essential aspect of photographs because when most people look at pictures, the first thing they comment on is how colorful they are. The more fun and vibrant your images tend to be.
*  STAY AWAY from large prints.  We want everyone to look at the person and not the clothing.
*  AVOID WORDS OR BIG LOGOS on clothing because it can make the eye of the observer to be distracted.
*  AVOID OBVIOUS TRENDS because these images are going to be on your wall for a long period of time, it will come to a point that these trends will become obsolete hence your family portrait also becomes old looking.
*  DADS, do not wear white socks with dark pants or dark shoes and take off your wristwatch. Long sleeves is great!
*  MOMS, V neck and scoop neck are slimming.  Dark colors are slimming.  It looks better in the portrait if you wear 3/4 or long sleeves.  Ladies avoid horizontal stripes.
*  CHOOSING A THEME COLOR for clothes during family portrait sessions in Houston needs to be pleasing to the eye and keep things very simple.  Chose colors that blend together.  Very seldom would you go out all dressed alike so why do it for your portrait.
*  PLAN with your photographer before having the actual family portrait photo session.

As a final advice be yourselves during the photo session because nothing can be better than the true personality that you have. Wear what you’re comfortable in and add a colorful necklace or scarf to enhance the colors that you wear.
Description: To get the most out of your family portrait session with our experts from d & k  Photography, wearing the right clothes is important to achieve great looking pictures.