About Us

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 Hi! Let me introduce ourselves.  My name is Kathy Haas and my daughter Dana Kelly.  Changing professions to become a photographer has got to be the best thing I have ever done.  They say when you find a job that you really love that you will never work another day in your life.  This is so true.  If I didn’t have to pay the bills I would do it for free.  I love it that much!  Living in Tomball, Texas even makes it that much better.  Tomball is a hometown with a heart!

  “I didn’t decide to be a photographer, I just happened to fall into it.”  Those are the words of Berenice Abbott, a woman who lived and died before I became a photographer myself.  My official “fall into it” date was January 19, 2007, but it unofficially began when my daughter, Dana Kelly, said it would be fun to be a photographer.  “Yeah,” I thought.  “It would.” 
Even better, it was something we could do together – and the vision of d & k Photography suddenly came into focus.

     Dana had already taken some photography classes in school.  Now it was my turn.  I studied part time while working full time for a physician in Tomball.  The tables started to turn as we booked more and more shoots.  It wasn’t long before my one-day-a-week photography side- job became two days, then three, then four…within a few years, I was full-time, full-fledged, bona-fide photographer.  No doubt about it d & k was on its way.

     I love interacting with people – and, to borrow a word MasterCard made famous – the way they respond when they first see their pictures is “priceless”.  When I get emotion, I know I have done a good job.

     Whether I’m snapping pets, babies, families, graduates, grandparents, or executives; whether I’m at a wedding, birthday, retirement, festival or community event, its a downright privilege to be invited into peoples lives.  To capture breathtaking moments, to watch a story unfold frame by frame, to be able to tell a tale when words sometimes fail….is truly an honor.

     Ansel Adams got it right when he said “you don’t take a photograph.  You make it.”